Saturday, January 20, 2018
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In the community

We are very committed to the upliftment of the local community and are involved and have spear headed many projects in the Stutterheim area. Some of these include...

  • We co-sponsored, with Newdens, the building of a cricket pitch in Amatolaville under the auspices of the Border Cricket Development programme at the local Amatolaville school fields
  • Hosting and sponsoring local actors at the loca arts
  • Organising a dance at the Stutterheim Country Club and raising R10 000 which was donated to the MTC ( Masimbambisane Treatment Centre) which now flourishes and thrives under the leadership of Dr Chantelle Friend and her team at the Stutterheim Hospital
  • The Stutterheim Soccer Association annually plays for the Colletts Cup and this year the finals will be held in May . This is a knockout competition with prize money and medals  in the region of R 3500.00 . We sponsor this competition on an annual basis
  • Taki holds continuing education sessions for the public of Stutterheim on health related matters which are addressed by excellent speakers

Colletts "Adopts" Amatholeville Junior School

At our recent staff weekend, in our discussions , the staff of Colletts Pharmacy, decided that we were going to adopt the Amatolaville Junior School as our next social responsibility project . We have benefited  a number of organizations over the years as a result of us working together with the community of Stutterheim . Masibambisane received around R 10 000.00 from us, Masibulele Creche in Mlungisi benefited from gifts and school materials, Amatolaville received a matting cricket pitch from us, sponsored together with Newdens, the Stutterheim Soccer Association play annually for the Colletts Cup, and others have been assisted .

We were enlightened to the dire straits of the Amatolaville Junior Secondary School (grade 0 to grade 7) by two of our staff members who took some pictures of the state of the classrooms. They are in a desperate state of disrepair. It is hard to believe that teachers are expected to instruct schoolchildren in such chaotic conditions. We aim to make a difference and together with the Stutterheim community and our banner group, Link ,  we know that we will achieve this . We have a few plans and projects up our sleeves to make this dream a reality !  

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The staff members have unanimously agreed that the following projects will take place and that they will commit to their success

  • A fund raising fresh produce, cakes, biscuits and sweet stall  will take place outside the pharmacy on Friday 25th June 2010 at 10.30am . Members of the Colletts Pharmacy staff will be baking and /or bringing their contributions and the members of the Stutterheim community are welcome to donate any cakes, biscuits , sweets , fresh produce to the pharmacy the day before (Thursday 24th June 4, 2010) or on the morning of , before 08h30 . We will gladly receive the goods and acknowledge them at a later stage when we wind up the project.
  • We also know, that because of the holes in the floor, broken windows and such like problems, the kids are freezing cold during school. There is also a need for toys and warm clothing, for the little ones up to the age of Grade 7 ( Standard 5 in our time). We will therefore have a bin for you to place any clothes,  toys and blankets  that are no longer in good use  at home, inside  the pharmacy. Some of these blankets will also go to needy parents and will be distributed by two members of our staff via their church support groups. They have been able to identify where the  need exists.
  • How about books that can be put into a library for the little ones to read and absorb?
  • The school has a list of NEEDS to keep them functioning as a normal school should . Can you imagine NOT  having fluorescent light tubes in the classroom with which to teach? Can you believe that they are short of 50 ( fifty ) desks and chairs? 15 broken window panes  need replacing? Varnish for doors, paint for walls. These are but a few of the absolute necessities that are required!
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