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September 2010







Dear Clients, colleagues & friends

What a crazy winter we have been experiencing lately. We have had hot days, cold snaps, frost on the odd occasions, expectant rainy skies, the right “smells” for rain, and a host of all sorts of weather, all in one month! And the wrong month if memory serves me well?

Along with this are the usual allergies, dust, flu viruses, tummy  bugs and a whole lot  of other winter ills. Chuck this all into the melting pot and it has been a rather busy time for us all at Colletts keeping all our loyal clients and patients well through these ups and downs!

I am sure that many of you have wondered whether you “may” have another flu vaccine and when it should be administered. Well, the truth is, that, if you are inclined to contract the flu virus as summer approaches, the  I recommend that you call in soon to have the jabs done. It is not too late – up until mid-September is still okay. And yes, we do still have some vaccines available! I am very chuffed that we still do have some stock  as we must be one of the few  community pharmacies that had some stock, and still have some stock available  to administer. So , if the flu has been your enemy in the past, let us help you ward it off as summer approaches. To read more about the HINI post-pandamic period click here.

The pricing debacle of the past 6 years appears to be drawing to a close. It seems that our colleagues will accept the pricing level that the Department of Health (DOH)  has come up with. The pricing system has been carefully constructed, as per the directive of the Supreme Court to ensure that Community Pharmacy remains viable,  to take care that rural pharmacies should survive and that there will be enough in the price for the city pharmacies to compete with the “sausage factory, nommer asseblief, so called  pharmacies“. Obviously there has been a huge amount of persuasive debate necessary to convince the DOH that the need is still greatest in the rural, under serviced and underprivileged areas where  the DOH is just not capable of delivering the most basic of services that the constitution prescribes they provide to the people of South Africa. It is criminal what is happening in our society. As one of Debra Patta’s programme’s promotional material shows, why is it happening and SURELY some one MUST take the blame! Well, we hope to still be here for a considerable time supporting the community that has treated us with loyalty and ongoing support . Thank you, Stutterheim .

Which brings me to the next matter of concern to me which I hold  in the interests of our town services. More especially, for me as a healthcare provider, the health services,  that Amahlathi Municipality is bound  to provide to ratepayers . A whole bunch of new TOTALLY INEXPERIENCED councilors have, mostly , been “deployed “, not elected, to our Amahlathi Municipal Council, to replace the naughty boys and girls who exercised their constitutional right to associate with those political groupings that they wish to. This for only a few months before the next municipal elections next year! It takes some time to enlighten new councilors with the intricacies of making decisions that affect all citizens of Stutterheim. Merely pitching up, attending a closed ruling party caucus meeting and agreeing as directed by the party and  not the constituents, with the agenda en masse as the council meeting proceeds, is certainly not the way to manage a multi million rand budget! We, as the ratepayers of Stutterheim must keep tabs and an eye on what happens (or more likely, does not happen) in the council chambers, if we are to lead  a civilized and well serviced life in our magnificent town. The next municipal elections are crucial. A strong opposition MUST be put in place with the goal of administering and governing Stutterheim and Amahlathi!

I had better shut up, hadn’t I, otherwise I may be muffled by the Media Tribunal! What a laugh! Brings back bitter memories of student days gone by and  mates and colleagues getting locked up for having a discussion about “swimming on Sundays which could lead to dancing”, nogal! Sies! I think the ruling party must have had some seeds in the porridge when they hatched this plan to cloak their corrupt and thieving practices. The crazy youth leader, who plans to have the state rape the mining industry that keeps him in designer clothes and timepieces, is in desperate need of protection lest he go the same way as one of our past chief whips  and ends up in the familiar orange “ova-rolos”!!!!!


We have been a little thin in the dispensary while Lulama Makapela went off for a week to write his final qualifying assessment to obtain the Pharmacist Assistant Post Basic qualification. His first couple of days were no doubt spent studying, because, after receiving his results, he must have been celebrating! He achieved an excellent assessment, conveyed personally by the examiner after completion of the exam. Congratulations to Lulama. He is now entitled to work under the supervision of a pharmacist at all times but the scope of his practice has been expanded some. He is now back in harness and we anticipate a high rate of ethics and service from him into going forward .

Tersia Hamman has been registered as a learner post-basic student and she will be spending the next few months nursing her little Tershadyn with one eye, and the other eye on the books .

Nicolette van Wyk has also had a break from the salt mines and visited in the Free State with her parents. I gather that she had a great time. Nicolette and Shanay Hamman have been working extremely hard to get our stock ship shape before our stock take at the end of August. At the same time we will be doing some essential maintenance on the computer system, an event that quickens the pulse and lets the stress levels soar! The two of them have been ensuring that the pulse and the stress levels remain within tolerances!

Some staff members have been involved in the distribution of clothing hat was gathered recently and will be continuing with the task in the weeks going forward.

Yours in health,

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