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December 2011







Dear Clients, colleagues & friends

Another year has flown by and so much has happened in the Kyriacos / Colletts Pharmacy fold !

Family wise we have been blessed with a dear little chap, Oliver, son of our daughter Pia and Richard her husband. This is our first grandson! Richard and Pia recently moved to Johannesburg where Pia has joined Rennies Travel back in the field she studied. Nick married in September in Mozambique and our  new daughter in law, Vanessa, is just the best! He is a very lucky man and she is a most welcome addition to our family. Naturally granny now has ample reason to rack up the Voyager miles as she keeps up with young Oliver’s progress. She is a rather Glam Gran, I must say!

We have been hard at work in the Pharmacy political world in our constant battle to drum out a liveable professional fee, despite not being granted a SEP increase in 2011 and neither in 2012. Our situation remains bleak. The dispensing fee promulgated this year after 6 years of struggle in the courts, means absolutely nothing. This is because the third party payers, the medical aids, refuse to remunerate us at the rate that was published . Some medical aids are offering us up to 20% below the agreed fee! Please tell me why I am in a business where someone prescribes what I may sell and at what price. They then  remunerate me at a price below what has been promulgated by the Department of Health?

On the local scene, Colletts Print Shop has come home! Our overheads just got out of control once our new landlord took over from the Stutterheim Historical Society! An escalation of 30%! Something must be happening in Stutterheim that most of us do not know about. However, the developments in town are great and signal a belief that Stutterheim has something to offer to the investor! Well done to the developers.

Our customers and patients remain loyal and supportive despite the pressures from their medical aids to use postal and courier pharmacies, as well as the corporate stores, despite the inconvenience and expense of having to travel to East London! What has become of the feisty South African consumer? Perhaps having been beaten into a semi comatose state by all the electricity, rate and water tariffs by the ANC government, we have lost our “go”?

My thanks go to all of you that support us so loyally  despite the pressures. We still strive to provide a personal and special  quality service to everyone. Judging from our “Compliments and Complaints”  book that is written in, we seem to be doing okay. Please feel free to make a comment in the book. I DO read the entries and I will act upon any complaints. If I don’t know about it, I cannot fix it!

Finally, as we welcome our families and friends home for the festive season, we pray for their safe arrival and return to their respective homes. Enjoy their company and let them enjoy that special thing of natural beauty  that Stutterheim has to offer. Thank you for your support and I wish you a peaceful and blessed Christmas and may 2012 bring clarity of mind and honesty to our people and especially our leaders.

Yours in health,

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