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February 2012

However, we have not been asleep. We are partnering NCS – NATIONAL CHRONIC SOLUTIONS -  in achieving a solution to the above problem. As from 1 March 2012 we will be supplying chronic prescriptions for GEMS , MEDIHELP and POLMED locally at Colletts Pharmacy. What this means, is that you will be fully entitled to get your Chronic Medication at Colletts Pharmacy at the same cost to you (if any) from Colletts Pharmacy! Please call in and I will explain the procedure to you going forward. We are obviously very excited at the prospect of once again being your chosen Chronic Medication service provider!

Secondly, this first half of 2012 has been, and will be, a hectic time for us all at Colletts Pharmacy. Our first grandson will be christened in March at St Martins in the Veld in Johannesburg. I have a two meetings before the christening so I will be away for a couple of extra days.  In early April, we will be returning to the venue of Nicholas’ wedding in Mozambique over Easter. They have just experienced a rather traumatic hold up at gun-point experience in Rustenburg which has unsettled the family somewhat! So we will be gone for 10 days .

Thirdly, thanks you to everyone who has commented in our “Compliments and Complaints Book”. I am very pleased to note that we have had only two complaints and a host of compliments. You have no idea how well the staff members react to the compliments at our monthly staff meetings. It is a hugely motivational goal for them to strive for as well as the recognition that they receive in front of their colleagues.  Thanks a ton!

Fourth, our month end has of necessity to change due to the pressures of cash flows, bank charges, and all the other niceties that we face in the retail sector . We are getting pressure from creditors and we respectfully ask that you comply going forward with the changes. We will close our accounts on the 20th of each month save when the 20th falls on a Sunday or a Public Holiday. We will move the date to the day before in that case. I am sure that you will not find this problematical as we used to close on the 15th of the month in years gone by! Thank you in anticipation for your co-operation and compliance .

Finally, we will be bidding farewell to two staff members at the end of March. Tersia Hamman has decided that she no longer wishes to follow the pharmaceutical career path for which, I believe, she was wonderfully suited. We wish her well in her future chosen career path. Nkosi Gqwaka has once again decided to part ways with us and will be moving to East London to take up other employmen . I wish him well as well and hope that the move will be fruitful for him!

Yours in health,

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