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Newsletter- June 2016





If you get better prices in Stutterheim , I will eat my hat !!!! The following products are on special while stocks last . They are in your face when you enter the front door .

Savlon Hygiene Soap - 175g - R 7.49 (Save R4.50)

J&J Baby Powder 400g - All Variants - R 24.99 (Save R 15.00)

J&J Baby Wipes 240's(3x80) - R 62.99 (Save R 32.00)

Listerine Mouthwash 500ml - Coolmint and Freshburst - R 36.99 (Save R 18.00)

Stayfree Regular Pads 20's - R 16.99 (Save R 13.00)

Savlon 1 litre - Price too good to print . Stock arriving soon !!!

J&J Baby Jelly - Price to be announced with stock arrival


We have once again brought in a new supply of sheepskin slippers from our supplier JCB Leather , a most reputable manufacturer in this field . They are of excellent quality and are really old and cold toe warmers - so pop in and try some on !



Early Closing Times - Please note : Monday to Friday 07h30 to 17h00 and Saturdays 08h00 to 13h00 !

We also need to introduce a cut off time for orders from outside the CBD . We would appreciate your orders being in before 15h00 in the afternoon . This gives Sam time to collate the orders and plan his routes !

Our website is a wealth of high quality information on matters health ! Compiled by one of my colleagues in Durban who has won many awards , you will glean much good stuff therein .

Further , there is a facility to order on line should you so wish or just drop us an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I clear e-mails all day and we will follow your instruction to the letter !

I do hope that our reminder service for your repeat prescriptions is proving of benefit to you . Please advise me if you are not being reminded that your repeat prescription is due so that I may investigate why ? Sibongile Mba has been charged with this responsibility - so wait for her friendly voice reminding you that your repeat is due . Research has shown that regular repeats of chronic medicines (compliance) has an extremely important bearing on the health outcomes as desired by the health practitioner . If you do not wish to receive the reminder please advise Sibongile when she contacts you .



We have suffered some turmoil since our awful incident in April . After a session of counselling we are starting to get on top of what has happened to Nicolette Clark and her co-workers . Such a traumatic experience is never easy to deal with and I have had to make a few tough decisions which has landed me in the CCMA with a case to defend . However , I have assured my staff that they will always prevail as a group ahead of a single entity or person . We have prided ourselves on being a tight knit "family" .We share an incredible amount between each other and support each other unbelievably in times of need .

So , that beautiful smiling face in the front of the dispensary , Phelo Tshoba , has made a career move and has taken on the most important position of goods receiving , something that I know she will make a great success of . Chrissie Dlova has replaced her in front of the dispensary and together with Jeanne Fourie (The Bullet) they will also make a great success of meeting your needs .

Geo Goliath makes up the rest of the team assisting in the bottom end of the pharmacy . I wish them a long and happy stay !

Until next month ......................


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